Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stop motion video of travel montage, half way across the U.S. in 30 seconds!

This is a old video but one of my favorites I've made, I thought I would post it one here just for easy access to the links.
There is a much higher quility 16mb video of the same thing here:
you have to d/l the photodex viewer but that is quick and easy, the difference of picture and sound quality is quite amazing, it is a good way to compare the quality of youtube videos to something that is actually not that much larger of file size. I think I might upload the same video to some of my other favorite video sharing sites because I have noticed that there are many that have much better quality/capabilities than youtube. One of my new favorites is because I like the way it seems more social because of the capability to post comments/tags at a certain time in the video.

Ok now on vimeo, with links to the photos on my flickr stream.

New York City to Omaha, Nebraska in 30 seconds from shannon patrick on Vimeo.

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