Friday, February 19, 2010

Van Leaves Kids on Street; They Can't Find New Foster Home KMTV 3 Omaha Action News

Omaha, NE - A day care bus drops off a seven and three-year-old at 60th and Manderson Streets, but the kids can't find their way to their new foster home.

That's because the home is 28 blocks away.

Police reports show a neighbor called police after she spotted the girl and her younger brother standing outdoors for several minutes. A white van had dropped them off. She invited the children inside to keep them warm.

The older child told police "they were supposed to go to their new foster home but did not know where that was." According to the police report, the address was about 28 blocks away.

Police are investigating whether child neglect is involved.


Daycare provider De'Borah Willaims says it was a delivery mix up that had two foster children out in the cold until a stranger came along. Williams says she took a three-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl from her daycare and dropped the children off near 60th and Manderson Street. Williams thought it was their new foster home.

The kids waited outside in the cold for several minutes until Michelle Fuller came along and took them into her parents home. She then called police. "Well I just did what anyone would do," said Fuller

Williams realized her mistake when she got a call from the childrens' foster mom. She turned back around to get the kids. Police had already picked them up. The kids are now with their foster parents.

On Thursday, Williams returned to the place she made the mistake to thank Fuller for making sure the children were taken care of. "It was an honest mistake and I'm just glad you took them to safety and you are an angel to me," said Williams.

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