Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nine Inch Nails Gear up for auction on ebay.com

Nine Inch Nails Gear up for auction on ebay.com

Looks like Nine Inch Nails is selling some of their not so gently used tour gear.

see here:
Nine Inch Nails fans now have an opportunity to own their very own piece of the band – so to speak. Having confirmed that its touring days are over, the industrial-metal pioneers are auctioning off the bulk of its gear on eBay.

"We've been going through the NIN touring and studio rigs and getting rid of a large selection of gear and equipment the band is no longer in need of," reads a statement on the band’s website (http://www.nin.com/). "We do not know which (if any) tour these items are from unless specified, nor can we get any items autographed, so please do not ask."

As of this writing, 20 items have been listed thus far, among them a 1960 Gibson Les Paul, a 1980 Gibson E-2 Explorer, and a Gibson Banjitar. Bids are arriving fast and furious, with “view counters” approaching 10,000 for most of the items. The band promises that “hundreds of items” will ultimately be listed.

Earlier this year, NIN leader Trent Reznor announced that the group would henceforth forego live performance in order to focus on studio work. The band then proceeded to stage its “last ever” world tour. In the wake of its “retirement,” however, Nine Inch Nails has maintained an extensive interactive relationship with its fans.

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