Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to Try the New Google Search

How to Try the New Google Search

This is pretty awesome. I use Groowe search tool bar and Search preview 4.0 add-on for firefox. I like that google is now adding these kinds of helpful search features. I would like to see the "page images" and "page preview" kind of functionality integrated like the "search settings" on google so you do not have to click on it for every search.
Would anyone like to share a thought about this?


Confirmed. The rumors about Google's redesign are true, and you can try it for yourself with a very simple method.

1. Go to
2. Once it loads, enter this code into your web browser's URL address field:


There shouldn't be any in front of that. Just that code.

3. Hit enter.
4. Reload or open a new page and you will have access to the new user interface.

It's fast and sweet, although the changes don't affect all the available sections. [Thanks Matt Karolian]

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