Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yard Sale Treasure Map http://www.yardsaletreasuremap.com/


Yard Sale Treasure Map Plots Out Your Weekend Plundering
By Jason Fitzpatrick, 8:00 AM on Sat Apr 11 2009, 35,177 views

Yard Sale Treasure Map is a Google Maps mashup designed to help you find and easily get to Craigslist-posted yard sales in your area.

You enter a starting address, a driving radius, and select from Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Yard Sale Treasure Map then queries Craiglist for your area, and returns a route that will take you to all the yard sales it finds. You can click on the markers for each sale to see additional information about the sale and delete them if you're not interested. You can also add in sales that you find from other sources, like your local paper, by either putting the address in the left sidebar or double clicking on the map to place a new marker. This surprisingly elegant hack is free to use.
Yard Sale Treasure Map [via GeekSugar www.geeksugar.com/3019614]

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