Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Flickr adds 90 second video uploading for pro accounts

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Yes this is big news because it is Flickr, other than that the ability to add video to the internet should not be news at all. There is nothing remarkable about being able to add 90 seconds(maximum length) 150 mb (max file size) videos online. As Seth Godin would say, I don't have a video problem. It is my feeling that when companies restrict the way people use the tools they offer, people simply find better tools. One word this is how video sharing should be done, it just seems to me that flickr is trying to stick their toes in to test the water on this one. I also kinda get the feeling that the ability to add video has something to do with the fact that they also just increased the max photo file size for pro(paying) users from 10mb to 20mb. Are they just offering video because they have new excess bandwidth and storage capabilities? Whatever the reason, this just feels kinda half ass IMHO.


  1. I'm not so sure about this. - Flickr is Flickr you know? I hate the idea of it becoming any version of YouTube I guess. Flickr, was quiet. Ya know?

  2. yeah I know exactly what your sayin...

    On a different note, I'm really digging these days, lotsa funny comedy stuff and the high def content looks amazingly great people are raising the bar on that site.