Friday, March 14, 2008

Unlock the potential of your Canon digital Camera: chdk Canon SD1000

chdk Canon SD1000 ixus70, originally uploaded by shannonpatrick17.

(((Use a free firmware update and unlock all kinds of capabilities you probably did not think your Canon point and shoot consumer digital camera was even able to do! This is not endorsed by Canon but if you do not like it simply erase it off your sdcard and your Camera is completely back to normal (crippled?)).

A. After loading of CHDK program you can get the following functionality:

* Shooting in RAW
* Live histogram (RGB, blended, luminance and for each RGB channel)
* Zebra mode (blinking highlights and shadows)
* DOF-calculator
* Battery indicator
* Scripts execution (exposure/focus/... bracketing, intervalometer and more)
* File browser
* Text reader
* Calendar
* Some fun tools and games :)

Q. What camera models are supported by the CHDK program?

A. Currently, the CHDK program is available for Canon digital cameras of the following models:

* A460, Fw: 1.00d
* A550, Fw: 1.00c
* A560, Fw: 1.00a
* A570, Fw: 1.00e, 1.01a
* A610, Fw: 1.00e, 1.00f, (1.00d with CHDK version for 1.00e)
* A620, Fw: 1.00f ( 1.00e is not compatible. You must upgrade to 1.00f first (see here))
* A630, Fw: 1.00c
* A640, Fw: 1.00b
* A650 IS, Fw: 1.00d
* A700, Fw: 1.00b
* A710 IS, Fw: 1.00a
* A720 IS, Fw: 1.00c
* S2 IS, Fw: 1.00e, 1.00f, 1.00g, (1.00i with CHDK version for 1.00g)
* S3 IS, Fw: 1.00a
* G7, Fw: 1.00e, 1.00g, 1.00i, 1.00j
* SD450 (IXUS55), Fw: 1.00b, 1.00c
* SD500 (IXUS700), Fw: 1.01a, 1.01b
* SD700 (IXUS800), Fw: 1.00b, 1.01b
* SD800 (IXUS850), Fw: 1.00e
* SD850 (IXUS950), Fw: 1.00c
* SD1000 (IXUS70), Fw: 1.01b, 1.02a

In theory it can be modified to support any camera based on the DIGIC II or DIGIC III platform. (How do you do this?). See Firmware Comparisons to identify which build will work for you.

(((set with my first photos using chdk including RAW photos:)))
 Beatrice City Library

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